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We are authorised main distributors of the Brian James Trailers range of car transporters and commercial trailers. Brian James Trailers have an excellent reputation as manufacturers of the highest quality trailers and over the years their product range has grown considerably. The Car Transporter range requires no introduction with a multitude of models to suit all aspects of vehicle transportation.

The C2 and A2 ranges are single axle trailers and are used to transport smaller cars such as Smart cars and are also popular within the racing paddocks for those drivers with smaller cars. The C4 and A4 models are larger twin axle trailers with Gross Weights of up to 2600Kg. The Hi Max, T4 and T6 Transporters offer the user a Gross Weight up to 3500Kg and are available in fixed bed and tilt-bed versions.

The Brian James Trailers Commercial range is comprehensive in its content and incorporates some unique design concepts and options. With Gross weights of up to 3500Kgs and with single, twin and tri-axle options there’s a trailer to suit all needs. Trailers within the range include Plant Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, Tippers, Tilt-Bed Trailers and the new CarGO Connect models and options are the most versatile trailers on the market today.

Brian James

Enclosed Car Transporter Trailers

Brian James Enclosed Transporter Trailers are ideal for both professional racing teams and the car enthusiast. 

Enclosed trailers offer many standard features that set them apart from the competition.
Enclosed Car Transporter Trailers
Brian James Race Transporter 340-5510
Brian James T4 Transporter
Brian James

Open Car Transporter Trailers

Brian James Open Car Transporter Trailers are undoubtedly the most comprehensive on the market. 

Models vary from the smaller single axle trailers to the larger tri-axle models popular with commercial and professional customers.
Open Car Transporter Trailers
Brian James


The Brian James CarGO Range of trailers provides the ultimate versatility in trailer design. Every trailer in the range has multi options enabling you to build a trailer designed to your exact requirement. 

The CarGO trailers are a true work horse.
Commercial Transporter Trailers
CarGO Connect Extended Headboard
Brian James General Plant Trailer
Brian James

General Plant Trailers

General Plant is a tough and highly configurable range of trailers. Spanning the multi-purpose and plant trailer categories, it’s available in multiple lengths and widths. 

Initially available in six twin axle models, single and tri-axle versions will be available later in 2021.
Brian James General Plant Trailers

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